Sunday, August 15, 2010

Today Got Puppet, Tomorrow May Result In Human..

Work As I Planned..
Planned With My Heart..
Playing With Words..
Musics Is The Key..

Past Comes As Tornado..
Blew And Mix Together Once..

As I Cross The Slippery Road..
The Feeling Strike Again..
Feeling Down..

Thinking Bout Something..
A Person Said That..
Catch After Is The Best..
Because The Live Will Follow..
Always Keep It..
I Strongly Believe In It..

Back Days Before..
I Can Smell Like A Dog..
I Can Hear The Sound Of Wind..

What I Suppose To Do?
Night by Night
Today I Make It Into Action..
Tired So I Felt..
Hungry So Kick My Stomach..
But Its For Thy Moon..

Moon Make Nights Perfect..
Even Perfect If Its Full Moon.
Ill Show My Love..

The Smell Result In Reality..
This Just A Game..
A Game Of Love..

I Grab It Into Pocket..
What Happened Actually..
Deep Eyes..
Sort Of Secret..
Seem The Same..

The Heart
May Be Today I Got Puppet..
Tomorrow.. Who Knows..
May Result In Human..

After First, Thy World Next..
Try If You Can..

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