Thursday, August 12, 2010

Don't You Feel It Too?

She and I were on going training for dinner.
Its start with a word..
Sound Funny Yeah..

Dance Floor..
This is where we getting closer together..
At the first time i never estimate our love..
I expressed my feeling toward her bout something i feel..
Then she become interact with me often..

I use to understand her very much..
She like to have friends..
I got jealousy behind then..
Keep it as a wave feeling..

She ask me whether i can drive or not..
Start trip to the palace i ever image..
At the beginning i took it as a joke..
Pass midnight..
Alone myself..
Ask her to joind me..
Start to love her..

Like a prince n princess..
The way we live here..
"b bb" come back..
I Saw it..
When She with me..

Back Home..
It Comes Back Natural..
Once I When Her Hometown..
again caught "b bb"
without word i trough words..
im sorry if that make u hates me..

You Said..
Believe Me..
I know what Im Doing..
U Love Me.. U Must to belive me..

Back For Second Part in Campus..
Trip Malacca Again..
Before Gone to..
Lots In My Mind..
Once Said It All Gotta to be ok..
She Never Say It..
Maybe Planned..
Then.. Lots Of Pressure..
Seem To Many Secret..

Few Days Before I Post This Blog..
Some Of My Eyes Seeing The Unbelievable..
I Caught It Too..
Im Sad..
Feel Empty..
Till Now..
Hoping Is Fantasy Maybe..
She Love Me Just A Matter Of Time?
No I Guess.. Lot Of Love We Make Together..
Malacca, Johore, Negeri Sembilan..
I Still Believe In Her..
Be With Me..
I Want To Change Everything..
I Love You..
Cant Stop Thinking  Bout You..
I Hurt Every Time..
I Think Bout You..
Its Love..
Dont You Feel It?
Miss Yaa..
Miss All Moment..
Miss My Future That Ive Planned..
Miss A Lot..

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